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We are a dynamic, non-denominational church, built on a solid foundation of love, flowing in the power of the Holy Ghost and advancing the gospel of the Kingdom of God with sound teaching on Kingdom principles, C.U.M.I is a family where the worship of the King of Heaven is a culture and prayer is steadfast. We are committed to developing the leader in you and empowering you to fulfill your God-given vision.

We are committed to the development of the people of God, as everyone was created for a purpose. We believe – based on biblical evidence – that the fulfillment of that purpose gives glory to God. That is why all our programs are designed towards spiritual growth and development so you can become an agent of influence on the earth, impacting your world with higher standards that apply in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We believe in Life and Liberty in Christ Jesus, so we equip our people with the knowledge of the Word of God – enabling them to operate in liberty and experience a full life. We ensure everyone finds their place in the house of God, that is why we usually say “We are large enough to accommodate you and small enough to be sensitive to you”.

Jesus said “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail”, We boldly declare that the church of God at C.U.M.I. Liberty Kingdom is here to represent the interest of the Kingdom of God without reservation. C.U.M.I is a church where people can see their God-given dreams realized and their hope restored. We are strategically positioned to impact our multi-racial community with the culture of a superior Kingdom.

Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba is the General Overseer of Christ United Ministries International (CMI). He is also the President of the Liberty World Outreach (L..W..O) and City Changers International (CCI). Apostle Matthew trained as an accountant, teacher and administrator.

Christ United Ministries International was birthed from the vision given to the Apostle when God called him in 1988. The church has since grown locally and internationally with branches in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Brazil and the United States.

Apostle Oluwajoba travels the world sharing the gospel of the Kingdom of God and liberating people to live full lives in Jesus Christ. He is a sought after prophetic voice and he shares the mind of God in his teaching and ministration.

The Apostle is a leader of leaders, having trained and mentored many pastors, ministers and teachers of the gospel. He continues to minister in impactful prayer sessions to a global audience,

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Resident Pastor

Pastor Sam Awonlaogun is a powerful preacher and teacher of the word.

Global Vision

Liberated by The Word to Rule”…i.e. our assignment is to liberate by the knowledge of the word of God so we can take back our place on the face of the earth – the position of dominion. Gen1:26; Hos4:6


  • Teaching Kingdom Principles with Relevance To Spheres of Life.

  • Restoring Kingdom Culture To Our Contemporary World

  • Developing The Leadership Spirit That Will Impact Our World

  • Motivating All To Discover, Develop & Deploy There God Given Vision